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How to Process a Refund or Void a Transaction in Infusionsoft

STEP 1:  On the client’s file go to the ORDERS tab and click the item to be voided or refunded. STEP 2: When the order opens, click REFUND PAYMENT. STEP 3: Make sure you check the refund box, enter the amount to be voided / refunded, enter the reason for the refund, and click next. [...]

How to Create an Automated Subscription in Infusionsoft

STEP 1:  In the Client’s account, click on the ORDERS Tab. STEP 2: Click  ADD SUBSCRIPTION. STEP 3: From the Subscription Plan drop-down menu select product ( $87.99 Non Profit Credit Coach Regular). STEP 4: From the second drop-down menu select Month. STEP 5: The start date of the subscription is auto populated with the [...]

How to Create a Referral Credit

When a client refers a spouse, family member, or friend, a one-time $50 credit towards the monthly fee is offered.   A task is created in the client’s file in Infusionsoft for you to complete. The system sends out an automated notification via email to alert you there is a task that requires your action. [...]

How to Stop / Deactivate a Subscription in Infusionsoft

STEP 1:  On the STATUS drop down menu select INACTIVE. STEP 2: Select today’s date as END DATE. STEP 3: Enter reason for stopping the subscription. STEP 4: Select NO in Auto Charge.  From the Credit card drop-down menu select NONE SELECTED.   Verify information and SAVE. STEP 5: Subscription should appear as INACTVE in [...]

How to Add a New Credit Card in Infusionsoft

Step 1:  In the client’s account, click on the ORDERS Tab. Step 2: Click ADD CREDIT CARD Step 3: Some information will be auto populated, please verify the information and make any changes needed. Step 4: Enter the credit/debit card information. Click Save.

Credit Calculator

This credit calculator is a useful tool for giving scenarios of how much a consumer can save based on their credit score. Look for the tabs at the bottom of the Excel document for additional calculators. These are for estimate purposes only. CREDIT CALCULATOR

TurboDial Quick Manual

TurboDial is GCH phone system.  It also helps run campaigns w/in Infusionsoft.   More information on Turbodial can be find in the videos at: Here's a quick reference to the purpose of each button in the Screen Pop: Example:

Intake Script

PROSPECT INTAKE SCRIPT   IF IT GOES TO VOICEMAIL… Hello, this message is for  ______, my name is _____ and I am calling from __________powered by Get Credit Healthy.  (LOAN OFFICER) informed me  that you are interested in obtaining a loan through ______(LENDER)__________ and we are available to help you reach that goal. Please call [...]

Rebuttals to Consumer Questions

 GENERAL QUESTIONS YOU WILL ENCOUNTER Q:WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE GET CREDIT HEALTHY? A: We are different from other companies who say that they’re going to provide credit repair or restoration. Our network of partners are non-profit companies that will tailor a plan of action to meet your unique goals. Other companies have a one-size-fits all [...]

Short Sale Flowchart

Below are the paths to take for verifying a Short Sale in a credit report.

Late Payment Flowchart

Below are the paths to take for verifying Late Payments in a credit report.

Chargeoff Flowchart

Below are the paths to take for verifying Bankruptcy in a credit report.

Foreclosures Flowchart

Below are the paths to take for verifying Foreclosures in a credit report.

Repos Flowchart

Below are the paths to take for verifying REPOs (repossession) in a credit report.

Collections Flow Chart

Below are the paths to take for verifying collections in a credit report.

Welcome Call Script

NOTE: Call both numbers on enrollment form if you don’t reach a person on the first number.  If you have to leave a message, state that it’s Starting Now Powered by Get Credit Healthy calling and to please return your call (Follow Script: Welcome Call Left Message v1). NOTE: Check to see if you are [...]


Frequently Asked Questions about FICO® Scores 13 FICO © 2013-2018 Fair Isaac Corporation. All rights reserved. Introduction to Credit Scoring When you apply for credit—such as a credit card, auto loan or mortgage—the company from which you are seeking credit checks your credit report from one or more of the three major consumer reporting agencies. [...]

FICO Scores Handbook

Introduction This handbook is designed to bolster Get Credit Healthy’s network of nonprofit credit counselors’ and credit solutions managers’ understanding of the world of credit and FICO. Before lenders extend credit, they must first verify that credit applicants will be able to repay the amount of credit requested, and have a high likelihood of making [...]

FICO Score Versions

The credit bureaus may record, display or store the same information in different ways.   Experian Equifax TransUnion Most widely used version FICO® Score 8 FICO® Score 8 FICO® Score 8 Versions used in auto lending FICO® Auto Score 8 FICO® Auto Score 2 FICO® Auto Score 8 FICO® Auto Score 5 FICO® Auto Score [...]

How to Create Verification Letter 2 in GCH360

STEP 1: Look for the client in the dashboard. STEP 2: Copy SSN from the Admin tab. Select “Credit Report” Button and Client Menu: STEP 3: Select “ Upload Report” (Teal Green Button at the top) When you select “Upload Report” you will have to select the month you are pulling credit report for (current [...]

Verification Letter Descriptions

Late Payment Late Payment: 1. This letter challenges the validity of an account with the original creditor. It requests a billing history for the account. Collections Collections: 1a- General letter to the original creditor requesting proof that the account is reporting correctly. Collections: 1b. Letter that is sent to the collection agency if the client [...]

Keeping Pipeline Clean on TurboDial

To delete people form your screen: Use the "garbage can" icon on the side of HOT LEAD or call ins.

How to Claim a HOT LEAD

RULE #1: Look at at the HOT LEAD in Turbodial and then see who is the owner within Infusionsoft. RULE #2: Confirm in Infusionsoft that it is not OWNED by anyone. If it's Client Concierge Team... it is NOT OWNED. RULE #3: Claim the HOT LEAD by clicking on the blue "arrow". You MUST call [...]

Sales Dispositions and Pipeline

New Lead - The lead is in this stage upon referral. Once 1st call is complete, move stage to Attempting Contact. Attempting Contact - Continue to disposition in this category until client picks up.  (Up to 8 attempts until it moves automatically to Cold Storage: Never spoke to). This disposition is OPEN TO EVERYONE. If [...]

How to Change a Payment Date

STEP 1: Go to the ORDERS Tab and click on the Active subscription. STEP 2: Click CHANGE on the Next Bill Date. STEP 3: Select the new date and click SAVE (this new date must be within 30 days from the previous date).

How to Handle Negative Surveys

A simple Survey assessing our service is sent out after every Credit Coach SAP phone call. STEP 1 - EMAIL NOTIFICATION Your Manager will receive an email with either of these 2 subject lines: URGENT: Very Dissatisfied Customer - Follow up Now URGENT: Dissatisfied Customer - Follow up now STEP 2 - OUTREACH TO DISSATISFIED [...]

How to Close a File When a Client Cancels

Before submitting  a closing form, coaches MUST review all SAP on file and make sure the most recent one is published.  If the most updated SAP is not published before the closing form, both client and banker will not receive the updated SAP information. When a client whose account is declined, wants to make the [...]