Lenders who use Get Credit Healthy earn more, sustain an ever growing pipeline, deliver a better borrower experience, help serve the under served while creating borrowers for life. This video series is designed to help lenders and their loan officers better utilize the powerful, easy to use resources that Get Credit Healthy provides so that loan officers are better equipped to compliantly assist their borrowers who lack the credit profile needed to obtain financing for the home of their dreams.

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1. how GCH can help YOU

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Get Credit Healthy can help you get the most out of each lead and maximize your revenue. This video will explain how you can now keep and convert this tremendous amount of potential business.

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2. why use GCH

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Why can’t I just help my clients myself? Why do I need Get Credit Healthy? What makes Get Credit Healthy different from credit repair companies? Watch this video, and find out!

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3. how to introduce GCH

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In this video we’ll take a look at the proper way to redirect a loan applicant who was denied because of credit. You’ll learn how to introduce Get Credit Healthy to those potential clients and ensure that YOUR lead remains in YOUR pipeline.

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4. opportunity to get credit healthy

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Would you like to improve your credit, but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing it? This video explains how Get Credit Healthy’s network of partners can help you do just that. Watch to find out more.

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