Sales Dispositions and Pipeline

  1. New Lead – The lead is in this stage upon referral. Once 1st call is complete, move stage to Attempting Contact.
  2. Attempting Contact – Continue to disposition in this category until client picks up.  (Up to 8 attempts until it moves automatically to Cold Storage: Never spoke to). This disposition is OPEN TO EVERYONE. If someone calls in for a specific person and that person is NOT working or NOT available, you should talk to the prospect immediately.
  3. Interview Scheduled – When an interview is scheduled; this disposition can be used as many times as needed to schedule an appointment with a Credit Solutions Manager.
  4. Missed Appointment Sequence – Disposition when a lead misses the set appointment. This stage sends out emails to reset appointment and/or call back. (Links to Appointmentcore).  Next time you reach out, you disposition call as Follow-up.
  5. Evaluation Complete – When Credit Solutions Manager actually speaks with a prospect and discussed his/her credit profile but did NOT complete an enrollment form. Once an evaluation is complete, if a new time is scheduled to speak with the prospect, DO NOT move the stage back to Interview Scheduled.   It will automatically move to INTERVIEW SCHEDULE via appointmentcore.  After 5th attempt, it moves automatically to Cold Storage – Spoke to – No contact after evaluation.
  6. Follow up Sequence – Evaluation is complete and prospect has not signed up yet (usually w/in 24 hours). If you explain the program to a prospect and they want a call (with no specific time,) you add the lead to this stage. If you call and the lead wants an exact time, keep the lead in this stage and set the appointment. It will automatically move to INTERVIEW SCHEDULED via appointmentcore.  (Up to 5 Call until it moves automatically to Cold Storage: Spoke to)
  7. HOLD (Special Situations) – This stage allows us to keep a lead on HOLD for a month (maximum). Automatic moves to Cold Storage: Spoke to after 30 days in the sequence.
  8. Agreement Complete –  The system automatically moves to this disposition when an enrollment form is submitted. Once they are here, they MUST stay in this disposition, or placed in Cold Storage based on the reasons below. This is where Nonprofit is selected in the Enrollment form. It also triggers communication from GCH360 to Nonprofit and engages them. If you select the wrong Nonprofit, you need to let your Manager know. Managers must advise GCH Operations Director.
  9. Cold Storage (Spoke to) – Lead has given any of these reasons when rejecting offer:
    1. CS – Went to Competitor: Lead has gone with another credit restoration option.
    2. CS – Cost: Lead cannot afford the program.
    3. CS – Not Interested– reach out in a month 
    4. CS – Debt Consolidation: When most of the lead’s credit issues deal with debt; the lead has been given information.
    5. CS – Student Loan: When most of the lead’s credit issues deal with student loans; the lead has been given information.
    6. CS – Goal Reached- Education Provided: The lead has been given information that they can do on their own very quickly.
    7. CS – Other: The lead’s reason doesn’t align with any other cold storage option.
    8. CS – Bad Number: Incorrect phone number.
    9. CS -Never Call: Lead was contacted and doesn’t want to be called EVER.
    10. CS- No Contact: Automatically pushed

Cold Storage (Didn’t Speak to) – Outreach (phone calls, emails) have been sent to lead, lead has not responded to any of these.

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